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IPEH  Mission
Capitalization of Intellectual Property Rights Promote Innovation and Creation
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About IPEH

On June 1, 2020,master plan to build Hainan into a free trade port issued by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council proposed to Establish the Intellectual Property International Exchange of Hainan, foster institutional innovation in the transfer, utilization and taxation of intellectual property; and carry out law-based exploration for the securitization of intellectual property, It marks a new height for Hainan to build a national intellectual property exchange and explore the international trading market of new production factors, and highlights the important position and major mission of Intellectual Property International Exchange of HainanHereinafter referred to as IPEH”).

IPEH, positioned as a professional comprehensive platform hub of intellectual property industry, is a national intellectual property and data asset trading market characterized by the high integration of technology market and financial market, and an international trading place of new business forms. IPEH is engaged in the trading of intellectual property, data and their derivatives according to law, piloting the securitization of intellectual property and data assets, and carrying out relevant value-added services. It is not only a multi-level, multi-mode and multi-functional comprehensive service platform for innovative elements, but also an infrastructure and important hub to promote the circulation, use, protection and securitization of intellectual property and data. And IPEH is committed to becoming an international trading place with global competitiveness and influence.

IPEH is a major functional platform for the construction of Hainan free trade port, based on Hainan, facing the whole country, serving the world and covering both on-site and off-site markets, and IPEH will gradually establish a multi-level product system such as commodities, securitization and derivatives.

IPEH Mission

This is an era of respect, creation and use of knowledge.

On January 25, 2022, Hainan Provincial Government approved the establishment of IPEH. On February 21, the provincial market supervision bureau completed the industrial and commercial change registration, and IPEH was officially established. Unlike ordinary technology markets and intellectual property trading institutions, the establishment of IPEH aims to promote the exploration with intellectual property securitization as the core. This is a major institutional innovation in the construction of Hainan free trade port, because so far there is no intellectual property exchange in the world.

Knowledge does not perish. IP rights, whether in form of patent, copyright, trademark or new plant variety, can be repeatedly traded and used. If successful in exploration, securitization of IP might be of immeasurable significance in innovation stimulating, manufacture industry boosting, creative achievements protecting and IP culture developing. It could be part of efforts in maintaining the world economic order and improving the economic relations between countries. Deeply honored to participate in this great business on one hand, we are clearly aware of the great responsibility on the other hand.

Such a great mission cannot be fulfilled by IPEH alone. As a matter of fact, IPEH itself is an operating system as well as a sharing platform, in which participants of  IP right holders, IPEH’s members, evaluators, credit institutions and protection agenciesform an IP trading system, together. In this sense, it is a platform for all stakeholders’ exploration and practice jointly. Furthermore, this is China's IP trading platform, and will be the world's.

IP transaction, especially a large-scale and securitized one, will see a process of exploration, trial and re-exploration. Over the past two years, we have witnessed securitization practices in areas of copyright, patent, etc. both inside and outside Hainan Province. These initiatives have shown their good performance on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges. Do small- and medium-sized IP enterprises without traditional collateral still lack access to finance? Is there a need for a market for reusable IP? How can IP from foreign countries enter the Chinese market in a good order? All these kinds of theme would mean that innovation of the IP trading system in Hainan could be of great value.

Encouraged by Hainan Provincial Government, IPEH has started with IP transaction and licensing, and will successively recommend other IP trading programs and products, in an innovative manner. Kindly, please pay attention to them, discover and get their value creatively. For more information in terms of how to trade, how to become a member, how to obtain technical and legal services, please click section bars of "trading products", "trading system", "trading rules", "service navigation", "policies and regulations" and "about us".

Hand in hand, let us share achievements of institutional innovation of Hainan Free Trade Port of distinctive Chinese features. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

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